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Men at a Crossroads

For a lot of men, counseling is a hard thing to look into. If you're here, though, you've already taken the first step into the bigger journey--you're finally going after your authentic story.

So many men end up feeling stranded in life, frustrated by goalposts that seem to constantly move out of range. Then we find ourselves living out a story we don't recognize, controlled by emotions we don't understand, hung up on habits we just can't seem to shake.

Sound familiar? You aren't alone. And there is a way back to the spirit of adventure you always hoped to have in life. 

You have the willingness to face the journey that frightens most men away. And if you've been sold on the idea that counseling is just about venting or empty feel-good talk, I'm here to dispel that notion show you what it really can be. This is about the crucial journey toward realizing your authentic story, a story characterized by:

  • knowing yourself (for real)

  • mastering your emotions

  • living & choosing with intentionality

  • connecting with others organically & authentically

If you're ready for that kind of change, I'm ready to start the journey with you.