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Looking for a counselor usually happens in difficult times, but there's encouragement that comes when we decide to take the next right step.

Story Work

In the therapeutic world, it's called 'Narrative Therapy', and it helps us unpack the story we've been living by exploring the layers of narratives that shape the thoughts, feelings, and choices that in turn shape the story going forward.

Many of us don't realize it, but we are all living a story that both is and is not our own. We pick up things along the way, despite how they may hurt, and lose pieces of ourselves when life takes the author's pen away from us. 


That's how we begin to lose our ability to hope, to choose wisely, and to live authentically--the protagonist of the tale becomes buried in pain and confusion.

But that's why we love a good comeback story. Something in us is longing to hear how the hero overcomes the obstacle, defeats the villain--and best of all, discovers who he really was all along.

Story Work is perfect for getting out of a place of feeling stuck, checked out, or tied to an unhelpful or unhealthy pattern of choices and relationships. 


873 Cleveland Ave, Loveland.

Telehealth sessions also available over the web.



Individual Counseling (50-minute session) - $120

Couples/Family Counseling (75-minute session) - $150

Intake Fee - $20 added to your initial session.

Limited Sliding Scale 

Virtual Sessions Available (CO residents only)

Free Consultations Available

My practice is considered an out-of-network provider. This means you will pay for counseling at the time of your session and seek potential reimbursement from your insurance. It's important to look at your benefits and know what they offer. I have clients who receive 100% reimbursement, and some who have no benefits.

Two more things to consider:

1) Your Deductible. If you're like most insurance customers, you have a high deductible. Unless you have a major surgery planned, you probably won't hit that big number. If you have to pay 100% up to your deductible, that means you'll pay out of pocket for either in or out-of-network. So what it comes down to is whether you'd like to choose the therapist that's best for you, or let the insurance company decide.

2) Your Medical Record. Insurance companies require counselors to give every client a mental health diagnosis, which becomes part of your medical record. If you feel uncomfortable being required to have such a diagnosis, that's another reason you may not want to use your insurance benefit.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida.

Master's Degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University

Nationally Board-Certified Counselor

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