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Hi. I'm glad you're here.

I'm a nationally board-certified professional counselor who specializes in Narrative Therapy, or Story Work, which explores how our stories--and the way we've learned to tell them--shape our thoughts, emotions, and choices. 

The work I do is about helping you not only get to the root of the problem that's brought you to counseling in the first place, but come to a deeper and more clear understanding of yourself, and how you can embrace a life of greater authenticity and fulfillment.

More importantly, though, I'm someone who knows the struggle of living a false narrative. I have traveled (and still travel) the hard but fulfilling journey of confronting the false self that we construct in our pain, and choosing each day to live more openly, honestly, and joyfully.


That's why I understand the doubt and frustration. It's also why I believe in the power of reclaiming your story. I have seen the impact our inner narratives have over our thoughts, feelings, and choices, how they shape our relationships--and how all those things begin to change when we embrace our authentic story.

I want you to discover that too.


My office is on the campus of LifeSpring Covenant Church

(as tenant only) located at:

743 S. Dotsero Drive, Loveland.





Individual Counseling (50-minute session) - $120

Couples/Family Counseling (75-minute session) - $150

Intake Fee - $20 added to your initial session.

Limited Sliding Scale Appointments Offered 

Virtual Sessions Available

My practice is considered an out-of-network provider. This means you will pay for counseling at the time of your session and seek potential reimbursement from your insurance. It's important to look at your benefits and know what they offer. I have clients who receive 100% reimbursement, and some who have no benefits.

Two more things to consider:

1) Your Deductible. If you're like most insurance customers, you have a high deductible. Unless you have a major surgery planned, you probably won't hit that big number. If you have to pay 100% up to your deductible, that means you'll pay out of pocket for either in or out-of-network. So what it comes down to is whether you'd like to choose the therapist that's best for you, or let the insurance company decide.

2) Your Medical Record. Insurance companies require counselors to give every client a mental health diagnosis, which becomes part of your medical record. If you feel uncomfortable being required to have such a diagnosis, that's another reason you may not want to use your insurance benefit.


10% discount on counseling rates for:

  • Military ID (active or retired)

  • Current college and graduate students (with ID)

  • Clients being assisted by a church or charity


Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida.

Master's Degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University

Nationally Board-Certified Counselor